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We wanted NEVA’s stand to attract attention but not to dominate, says Roman Vrtiška

It is by no means the largest or most expensive, yet our trade fair stand at R+T in Stuttgart is attracting attention. It is dominated by huge blue fans made of aluminium slats, which aim to “dress” the stand, but at the same time leave it open and accessible. The co-author of the design, Roman Vrtiška from VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK studio, explains in an interview how the company thought about the design of the stand.

Dominant blue, rest of the colours neutral

The entire stand is purposefully dominated by a single colour – our corporate blue. All other elements inside the structure are white or grey, not to draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

“Inside the stand, the blinds and screens on display should stand out, so we didn’t design any colourful elements and everything is deliberately in neutral colours,” says the architect.

A shell that breaks the linearity of the blinds

VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK designed the shell of the stand on a similar principle of maximum contrast. As the slats of the outdoor blinds are normally in a linear (horizontal) position, the architects purposely designed them in a fan shape for the stand, where the slats reach a vertical position.

“It breaks the stereotype, creates an interesting contrast and at the same time visually separates the stand shell from the horizontal blinds displayed inside,” says Roman Vrtiška. Each beam in the fan is composed of two blades inserted into each other to make the structure as solid as possible.

The atmosphere is enhanced by details

The result is a unique shell that envelops and embraces the entire space, while leaving it open and accessible.

The overall atmosphere of the stand is then enhanced by important details such as coordinated clothing, audio/video technology or printed materials.

“NEVA pays attention to every detail, you feel comfortable inside and know exactly who you can go to or what you can do here. As a result, the experience of visiting the stand is very positive and quite similar to what you will experience at the showroom in Kralice na Hané. It beautifully underlines the integrity of the entire brand,” concludes Roman Vrtiška.

22. 2. 2024