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Day #4: attendance remains high, but we still went exploring

The second-to-last day of R+T was also marked by very high attendance. Reinforced by new members of the sales and marketing team, this time we were able to leave our stand for a longer period of time and take a good look around the entire exhibition area. So how does it look in Stuttgart this year?

While previous editions saw a lot of news and innovation at R+T, this year we feel that the whole event is more about building relationships and networking. After a 6-year gap and a covid pandemic, it’s no wonder.

We started our tour of the fairgrounds in the odd halls. We were greeted by our colleagues from Climax, where we had a coffee, a nice chat and got a gift on the way. It was a very pleasant visit and we thank you for it. Other stands worth mentioning were those of Drutex and Heroal, and finally we could not miss a visit to our long-standing supplier of aluminium coils, Metalcolor.

We continued back to “our” seven to get a better look at our neighbors. Becker and our suppliers Tecno System, VAPRO System, Julius Koch or Huber & Co. have very nice stands. But the imaginary winner for us was the huge Hunter Douglas stand full of beautiful design details.

Next stop: hall number 5. We visited one of the most open stands at the fair from Somfy, a company that has been supplying us with motors or control systems for many years – we used their TaHoma Switch solution at our stand this year. The German ROMA also set up its stand in the five, where a great assembly lecture was taking place at the time of our visit. We have already seen ROMA’s modular stand at the previous BAU trade fair in Munich, but we are not surprised that they use it repeatedly. It is very well designed and looks impressive.

In Hall 3 our main target was the German manufacturer of outdoor shading Warema, we also visited the stands of Nice, Geiger (our supplier of engines), Kadeco and Cherubini. All this was dominated by the robust stand of the Italian company Gibus, which literally brought the Mediterranean atmosphere to Stuttgart.

Last odd hall number 1. Here we were particularly looking forward to the Czech Bematech, which produces designer interior shading and won the R+T Innovation Award with its ZOOMTECH® technology. We also said hello to companies such as Sauleda, Llaza, Sattler, Copaco and Dickson, but unfortunately there was no time for longer discussions.

In the even halls, companies from the fields of garage doors, entrance systems and automation are exhibiting, which is not so interesting for us. However, we were delighted to see Hall 4, where we greeted our supplier ZEBR. They had a rolling mill on display and showed us innovations in threading the slats of interior blinds or automated ladder replacement for exterior blinds.

Back to our stand in Hall 7 – it was busy today, especially for German-speaking traders, because we had a lot of locals stopping by. We ended the day with a late dinner, now we are looking forward to the last day of the fair.

23. 2. 2024