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The R+T trade fair entered its second half on Wednesday at noon and attendance was breaking records. The day was once again marked by many meetings, and to stay fresh until the end of the fair, we made a partial staff rotation. The owner Ladislav Vrána returned to the Czech Republic, while the second owner Jiří Nesvadbík and new people from the sales and marketing team arrived.

Wednesday morning was unusually calm, which was quite useful because we needed to make some minor repairs on one of the screens on display. However, during the morning, the hall was filled up again and our stand was back on course. We even got word that many visitors were giving recommendations to their colleagues to come and see us, which made us very happy.

During the morning we met several of our partners, for example MH Stínící technika. But we also had more exotic companies stop by, with representatives of a company from Madagascar sticking in our minds. We don’t supply any shading there yet, so maybe that will change in a few months.


In order to stay fresh for the rest of the fair, we have partially renewed our stand staff. The owner Ladislav Vrána returned to the Czech Republic, while the other owner Jiří Nesvadbík came to Stuttgart together with several people from sales and marketing.

As we announced yesterday, we also have to replenish the beer stock, which is in great demand and colleagues from neighbouring stands are also stopping by. We are also slowly running out of catalogues and colour swatches of slats, so we have instructed our colleagues to bring us more during Thursday. The new stock should be sufficient by Friday.

Since our graphic designer and photographer Míša arrived in Stuttgart on Wednesday evening, she wants to go through more booths and take pictures of all the interesting things during Thursday. So you can look forward to more detailed info in Thursday’s report.

22. 2. 2024